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The tasks of the socio-psychological service of the University are to promote full personal and intellectual development of students, creating the conditions for the formation of their motivation for self-education and self-development, to the reveal productive teaching and research activities, identifying the most effective forms of organization of the educational process and its scientific and methodological support.

Employees of the social and psychological service are guided by the ethical code of psychologists adhere to teaching ethics, respect the dignity of the individual. They build their activities on the basis of goodwill and trust in close cooperation with all participants of the educational process.

The principle of the service is confidence, the employees keep a professional secret, do not spread the information obtained in the process of a psychological diagnosis and remedial work, if it could harm a person or his environment.

The purpose of the service activities is to create the conditions that promote the implementation of education and educational tasks, self-development and self-education of the students, timely and systematic study of the motives of their behavior and activities, taking into account their age, intellectual, physical, sexual, social and other individual characteristics, the promotion of social and psychological adaptation of the students and KhNURE employees.

To achieve the goals and objectives the socio-psychological service uses such forms of work:

  • Organizing and conducting training on the psychological development of business communication skills, team building, personality development;
  • Organization and holding of lectures and classes to build skills for healthy lifestyle;
  • Organization and conduction psychological counseling;
  • Organization of clubs of psychological support for socially vulnerable groups of students (students with special needs, orphans, young families);
  • Methodological consultations for supervisors and groups of young teachers;
  • Carrying out psychodiagnostic research;
  • The development and dissemination of advertising and product information on the activities of the social psychological service
SPCHead of SPC
Natalia Dashenkova