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Gender Education Center was created to provide educational, methodological, and scientific and practical assistance to students, staff, teachers and lecturers on the implementation the ideas of gender equality and non-discrimination in the educational process, by strengthening the gender component in social humanities, educational assistance, research on gender issues.

The work of Gender Education Center based on the principles of respect for the democratic values ​​of freedom, justice, equality of rights and opportunities, inclusiveness, tolerance, non-discrimination, openness and transparency.

Employees of Gender Education Center are guided by the education employee ethical code, respect the dignity of the individual, and build their activities on the basis of goodwill, trust, in close cooperation with all participants of the pedagogical process.

In order to achieve its goals and objectives in shaping a gender-sensitive educational environment at the university, Gender Education Center uses the following forms of work:

  • carries out various activities for the formation of personal and collective gender culture, the development of critical and analytical thinking, public speaking skills as an important component of self-presentation and personal development and activation of youth initiatives using non-discriminatory communication based on the principles of gender equality as the basis of human rights;
  • provides reference, educational and educational assistance in the field of ensuring equal rights and opportunities for women and men to students, staff, teachers and lecturers;
  • organizes psychological correctional and training work on non-discrimination and gender equality;
  • organizes research work on non-discriminatory and gender issues;
  • organizes seminars, round tables, conferences on gender and non-discrimination issues;
  • organizes exhibitions of creative works, photo, video, animation and graphics on gender and non-discrimination issues.
GECHead of GEC
Tatiana V. Korobkina