Philosophy department


Tetiana Gennadievna Komarova

Tetiana Gennadievna Komarova
Professor of Philosophy Department, Doctor of Political science

Education and Career:

  • 1993 graduated from Kharkiv State University, specializing in political science; political history.
  • 1998 – Ph.D.
  • 2002 – Associate Professor of the Philosophy Department. 1996 – Senior Lecturer at the Department of Philosophy (KhIRE).
  • 2000 – Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy (KhNURE).
  • 2012 – Associate Professor, Department of Political Science (V.N. Karazin KhNU).

Educational activity: teaches courses: “Political problems of modern society”, “Philosophy”, “Global problems of modernity”.

Research activities: has more than 100 publications, among which 8 monographs.