Philosophy department


Anatoliy Pokrovskiy

Anatoliy Pokrovskiy
Associate Professor, PhD

Education and Career:

  • 1998 – graduated from the KhTURE specialty – computer and intelligent systems and networks;
  • 2002 – graduated from the Department of Philosophy of KhTURE with a degree in Philosophical Anthropology, Philosophy of Culture;
  • 2003 – Candidate of Philosophy;
  • 2003 – senior lecturer of the Department of Philosophy;
  • 2004 – Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy;
  • 2012 – Associate Professor.

Teaches courses: philosophy, sociology, history of science and technology, philosophical problems of scientific knowledge, philosophy and methodology of modern science (for graduate students).

The field of scientific interests is the problem of human existence in the conditions of anthropogenic civilization; dysfunctionality of the current socio-cultural system.

He has more than 30 scientific and methodical publications.